Winter Jackets and Coats worth Buying in 2017

Selecting outwear for fall can be fun and exciting. After all, there are so many choices to pick from, and thanks to the top designers and brands, the trends change every season or the next. Of course, you cannot buy everything from the shelves, but there are a few styles that must be a part of your complete closet. Below are winter coats and jackets you need to buy in 2017.

  • Denim jackets. A denim jacket is ideal for the casual days, when the temperatures are not freezing. This is one of the many things that can be used in all reasons, and with almost anything. Pair with your cropped tops or use it a layer for your dress – the choices are many, and this trend is not going anywhere.
  • Winter coats. A classic winter coat is more like a fashion investment. Check a known magasin manteau hiver en ligne, and you will find some amazing styles to pick from. Winter coats are meant for the tough weather, but at the same time, these are also great for the casual days when you don’t want to wear a trench coat. You can find a number of options, and some of them are light enough to carry around.

  • Trench coats. Trench coats are more like classic winterwear choices that work for formal and casual days alike. If you have to pick one color, go for the classic brown or a nude shade. Dusty pinks and mauves are not bad either, and for those days when you are feeling a little outrageous, go for a colored one. Women, in particular, can rock the trench coat on any given day.
  • Puffer jackets. Ideal for the tough weather and extremely stylish, puffer jackets are designed to meet the needs of the fall. These don’t have to be heavy, are washable, and you can pick from endless colors. Puffer jackets can have a longer hemline, which make them look the same as winter coats, except that these have a ‘puffed’ appearance.

  • Parka coats. These are coats that come with a fur trim or a hood with fur trim that’s usually removable/detachable. You can wear parka coats for almost any outdoor activity, and these are pretty warm too, especially the ones from good brands. Just wear the right color, or pick one that comes with a reversible design in two shades.

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Post Author: Owen Jamie