Top Questions To Ask A Printing Company When Placing Order For Custom Apparels

From branding to personal fashion statement, the custom-made t-shirts, shirts, hoodies are much in use. If you’re wondering to place the order of your requirements to a company, you may ask them a few questions first. In fact, whoever is placing the order of the custom shirts, hoodies, t-shirts or anything for the first time; it is better to clear all the confusions so that you can proceed confidently.

So, here are some questions you must ask the printing company before you place the order—

What printing style they use?

You should know about the printing style they use. Various methods of printing are used nowadays by many printing companies. It is useful to know about the exact printing style they apply to avoid future complications. Screen printing is the ancient methods of printing that came from China and became popular in the West during the 1960s. Digital printing is ruling the industry now for its advanced technology. Though it is an expensive method but for a flawless printing, digital impressions will truly create the perfect custom prints on your shirts.

What technology they apply?

It is very important to ask them about the machines and tools they apply for printing the shirts or any other merchandise. Know about the ink they use as well. Plastisol inks are used in the garments of all fabrics. This is one of the most popular and ancient forms of inks used in the industry. You can also choose from the discharge or the water-based inks that are also used by many companies.

How experienced the workers are?

You should ask this question to know about the experience of the workers working in the company. If it is an enterprise of one man or a few, you should also be aware of the experience of the owner and his assistants working in there.

What brand of Shirts they customize?

It is important to know about the brand of the shirts that will be customized. Make sure the service providers will use only the quality shirts as this is about branding so you can’t take any chance. Company employees wear the shirts as their uniforms as well. Therefore, they shouldn’t be given any opportunity to complain.

What is the turnaround time?

Talk to the manager about the total time they need to finish the assignment. Make sure that the company has the reputation of completing their tasks on time.

Post Author: Owen Jamie