Top 4 Restaurants in Delhi That Offer Bill Discounts

Eating out at least once a week is now a trend in many cities. With both husband and wife working, they prefer to go out with family during the weekend to spend some quality time together over a meal.  How much ever we like eating out, the fact is that it definitely puts a dent on the pocket. In such a scenario, the restaurants that offer bill discounts are always welcome.

Let us see some of the good restaurants in the national capital of India that not only provide yummy food, but also offer attractive bill discounts.

The Vault Café: If you are going out on a weekend with your family, you would like to visit a place that has relaxed and comfortable seating, beautiful ambience and splendid delicacies. All this is available at this restaurant in CP (Connaught Place). It is ideally placed in the heart of the city and has an amazing selection of food and drinks and outstanding ambience. You can try Continental, Mediterranean, Chinese, Mexican, Oriental and Indian cuisines here. After having a wholesome meal, you can get 15 percent off on the total food bill too.

Jungle Jamboree: Another good restaurant that is ideal for taking kids is this aqua and jungle based themed restaurant Jungle Jamboree. It is a welcome relief amidst the concrete structures in CP with some natural vibes in it. You have option to have your meal in a forest setting or in an aqua cave. The perfect lighting and décor actually give an impression of a jungle. You can either enjoy their seven-course buffet here at an attractive price or go for ala carte. In case you choose the latter, you have an offer of 15% discount on your total bill.

Tamasha: If you want to completely relax and forget all about the monotonies of daily life, then just head out to this restro bar. It is spread across a huge area of 16000 sq-ft. and is designed with a lot of creativity. It’s the perfect destination for those who want to enjoy some happening nightlife in the heart of the national capital. It is better if you go with your gang to actually enjoy here gorging over finger-licking Continental, Italian and North Indian delicacies. Getting a discount on the overall bill is always an advantage here and this is what attracts youngsters towards it.

Garam Dharam: Garam Dharam is owned by the popular Dharam paaji of Bollywood. True to its name, he has given the look and feel of a village to this restaurant by including huts, posters and dialogues of his movies in the interior decor. Once you enter the restaurant, you will be transformed to the time when Dharmendra ruled the silver screen. The classic bike of his blockbuster movie Sholay is also showcased here. The menu is authentic North Indian cuisine and you can enjoy a wide selection of alcoholic beverages too with a discount offer on the bill.

There is no dearth of restaurants or cuisines in Delhi, but when someone is serving awesome food and drinks along with bill discounts then such places are definitely more in demand

Post Author: Owen Jamie