Shopping Tips to Ensure You’ll Never Pay Retail Prices Again!

If you love everything about fashion then you know that it comes with a price. Literally; a price.  Keeping up with modern fashions is often an expensive interest.

However, it doesn’t have to be.

In fact, all it takes is a few tips and tricks, such as the ones below.

Sign Up!

Do you remember the last time that you paid for your items and the attendant asked if you wanted to join the mailing list? You looked down and saw that it was a ratty people of paper that never seemed to get updated. Your answer was no, and you went about your business.

What you didn’t know is that these mailing lists are updated regularly and are put onto mailing lists that include early access to sales along with mailing-list only promotions!

Coupons for the Win!

If you aren’t shopping on the Groupon Coupons page for Bloomingdale’s then you are paying way too much for your fashion! Coupons platforms like these are great ways for savvy fashionistas to find great bargains on the latest trends and fashions. The next time that you see a hot item in store, check online for any coupons or vouchers you can utilize.

Head Out. Way Out

Those lovely boutiques that you enjoy shopping at cost a lot of money to design, build, and maintain. And can you guess where the store gets the money to pay for such a  luxurious space? Yep – the price of their items.

With this in mind, look for alternative retail spaces that your favorite designer has. You will find that many designers have stores in suburban areas that you usually wouldn’t travel to. While they may not be glamorous, the lower overhead costs can translate to lower item prices.

Social Media

If you like to like then you are going to like the idea of liking. Like, seriously! Search through your social media platforms and see if your favorite boutique has on online presence. Many retail stores offer special discounts that are pushed out to their follower’s newsfeeds throughout the day.

As an example, if you like the McDonald’s page on FaceBook then you are likely to see a new coupon each day that you can take into a store and use.

Online Fashion Forums

The Vogue fashion forums offer a platform for tech savvy fashionistas like yourself to communicate and discuss current and upcoming trends. These platforms can also be used by designers to interact with their fans and provide information about upcoming warehouse or sample sales that are often kept private.

Just because you simply must look your best and in the latest fashion all the time doesn’t mean that you also need to live in your parent’s basement, it just means knowing a few tips, like the ones in this article. So the next time that you feel like a shopping spree, instead of heading to the local mall, see if any of these options can help.

Post Author: Owen Jamie