Secrets for Getting Better Deal for Any Used Car

Whether you buy any new or old car, it ends up as most expensive purchase only next to the purchase of home. Therefore, it is important to know few secrets, how to get the best deal when you are negotiating for any used Mercedes-Benz car.

  1. Avoid sitting behind the wheel too soon

The moment the sales person makes you to sit behind the wheel, half of his job is already done. Now all he need to do is play with your emotion. Usually after sitting behind the wheel, you too will start imagining as an owner of the car and will be ready to compromise with many key factors. You should rather sit at the backside and ask the salesman to drive the car.

  • Make sure that color of the car is uniform

If you notice any variation in the shades, then it is an indication that the car has been reworked. You must ask the reasons.

  • Check the condition of tire

Make sure that the tread is at least 3 mm deep that you can check by using any 20-p coin. Tires are costly item and therefore you must make sure that it should not be purchased by you.

  • Check condition of bolts

Nowadays all cars have bolts on the panel. Check the bolts just under the bonnet whether there is any chipping of paint. That shows panel was modified and therefore by enquiring you can learn about its history.

  • Beware about any modifications

Check if there are any modifications carried out at any place, this can be a headache for you in the future.

  • Check all lights functioning properly

There are headlights, tail lights, brake lights, direction lights and fog lights etc. you must check that all of them are working satisfactorily. You must try to switch them on and off to check their function.

  • Check the navigation system

Check that the navigating system is indicating the location properly and enter any location so that it shows the route direction properly.

  • Make sure that air conditioning is working

Whether it is summer or winter, it is necessary to check the functioning of the air conditioner.

  • Spot any smelly area

Try to lift the mat or carpet of the car whether you can find any burnt cigarette or any dents. Any seller can make the car feel fresh by spraying refresher however by lifting the carpet you can know about its history.

  • Check history of car

Check the history of the car and verify it matches with what the seller is telling about it.

Post Author: Owen Jamie