Quick Tips and Suggestions for Buying a Shovel!

If you are a gardening enthusiast, you definitely need a shovel in your yard. Of course, there are endless options in the market today, but how do you choose the best shovel for your needs? We have a few pointers below for your help!

The basics

Shovels come with different blades, which determine the use and purpose. The blade is attached to a long handle with the help of a tang. The blade is mostly made of sheet steel, while materials such as wood and fiberglass are used for the handle. Shovels with fiberglass handles tend to be study and more expensive, as well. If you are buying a product with a wooden handle, you need to pay attention to maintenance. After the gardening season, you need to use linseed oil for the handle, so that the wood doesn’t splinter in the next season. This is more important in regions that are prone to extreme temperatures.

Types of shovels

  • Small shovels. For gardening needs, you can find smaller shovels that are ideal for digging flowerbeds. The handle of the shovel is shorter, so that the user can have a much stronger grip, while the bland tends to be more pointed for easy digging.
  • Round point shovels. These shovels are designed with a curved blade and are ideal for digging and scooping soil. You will find a number of options in this category, depending on the kind of use you have.
  • Round shovels with d-grip handles. These are same as round point shovels, except that these have a d-grip handle, which is shorter than the general size. Such shovels work better when you need more control on the blade. You can use your body weight to insert the blade into the soil more effectively.

  • Irrigation Shovels. The depth of the blade in case of irrigation shovels is different. These are more effective for irrigation needs and can dig into the ground effectively, without a lot of effort. You can use these shovels to remove rocks and leaves in your garden, especially from the ditches.
  • Trenching shovels. If you need to dig into a trench that’s deeper than 1-foot, you will need a trench shovel. The handle length of these shovels is around 51 inches, and the blade can be as wide as five inches, depending on the model. These are useful for a number of  outdoor activities.

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Post Author: Owen Jamie