Modus Vivendi: an exciting line-up of breath-taking lingerie for men.

Who says men cannot get downright sexy, and by sexy we mean Lingerie-cious sexy the kind that gets the girls all worked up in fits of jealousy. Male lingerie or mengerie the now trendy yet controversial class of underwears ramps up male sexiness to a whole new level. If you’re a guy looking to join this hype train of sexiness, designer brand Modus Vivendi presents its exciting line-up of breath-taking lingerie for men.

Launched in the summer of 2015 by veteran Greek Fashion designer Christos Bibitos, Modus Vivendi revered for it’s no less than controversial, edgy and chic apparels currently retails a shimmering list of men’s underwear, beachwear, swimwear, homewear, sportswear and a host of other accessories. Modus Vivendi’s line of Lingerie for men brings a touch of diversity infused with class to the previously monotonous and lackluster world of men’s underwear. In the past, men were condemned to live with just dull cotton underwear, Modus Vivendi’s new wave of male Lingerie spices up the mix and affords men the luxury of having a choice.

Men in lingerie is one aspect of men’s fashion still cloaked in a veil of skepticism. Reactions worldwide have been mixed. On the one hand, are the people that make up its rapidly expanding fanbase, and the other hand are the naysayers; seemingly caught in between the two groups are some heterosexual males who see it as an intriguing prospect but still tag it to be gay underwear. Regardless, however, Modus Vivendi, riding on the sails of its ingenious and innovative creator, has managed to garner critical acclaim and worldwide praise for its endearing lineup of male lingerie. The brand is famous for its resolve to utilize only the most premium materials in its production process. Premium high-grade fabrics mean Modus Vivendi’s lineup of men lingerie are not only pleasantly comfortable but also a delight to adorn – a fact that has scored it massive points even among skeptics.

Modus Vivendi is not just about men’s underwear and swimwear, it the complete package of bespoke men’s personal items that includes jockstraps, designer Swimwear, vests, full-body underwear, regular undies, sexy undies; you name it, in all imaginable colors and styles – there’s something to satisfy the taste of every Lingerie enthusiast. Given their impressive build quality and exquisite designs one would expect Christos Bibitos to price his creations exorbitantly, as is commonplace in the fashion industry of today. This is however not the case as with Modus Vivendi; you get top-notch quality at more than fair price at stores like Differio.

The brand whose name literally translates to ‘way of life’ is looking to cultivate a new way of life among men. One where they actively radiate their hot sensuous bodies either in the comfort of their bedrooms or out there for the whole world to see. Unlike the vast majority of lingerie stores available today, Modus Vivendi debuts lingerie for virtually all male body types, so whether you’re a 5ft 9in guy who weighs 200lbs or a 7ft basketball player, there’s a Modus Vivendi male lingerie tailor-made to emphasize all your sexy features.

Post Author: Owen Jamie