Interior Design Advice to Help Improve Your Home Value

Home improvement projects are interesting, but involve a considerable investment amount. More than style and design, you should choose things that can add value to your property. Let’s agree on one thing – the slump in the real estate market is still existent. It only makes sense to spend on home improvement tasks that will yield some benefit in the future, just in case you choose to sell the house. In this post, we will talk about a few ideas that will help in improving the overall home value.

Add window shutters

Window treatments with drapes and curtains might seem cheap, but these don’t really serve much, as far as functionality and value are concerned. On the contrary, window shutters are great for insulation and can prevent heat loss considerably, bringing down the energy bills. Depending on the style, quality, and age of the shutters, you can expect to get a better price from buyers. You can check websites like, where there are some incredible home improvement ideas with shutters.

Kitchen remodeling

Contemporary kitchens might be minimalistic in terms of design and elements, but these themes work well for functionality. Smaller kitchen remodeling projects shouldn’t cost huge, and it is possible to achieve a lot more than what you would expect. Just revamping the cabinets and replacing the dining table can add a lot of added value to the house.

Attic improvements

A number of homes have unused attics. Attics can be converted into an additional bedroom or a closet room, as required. You don’t need to spend huge, as long as you have a good installer on the job. Add a bed or a few cabinets to use the space, or as a cheaper option, you can recolor the walls and turn the space into a small reading nook. Create a small window on the roof, so that you can enjoy the sunlight and air.

Basement remodeling

Basements might not be perfect for bedrooms, but you can use the area to create a wine cellar or even a special storage space.  Basements are prone to water logging and other lea issues, so make sure that you check for the practical problems, if any. Also, you might need to spend some money on initial repairs, but eventually that investment will pay off. Homes with basement always get more buyers, because the extra space is useful in many ways, and the next owner can also customize what’s already there.

Go for patios and decks

Extended decks and patios are great for utilizing the outdoor area and can be used effectively as an additional living space by connecting to one of the rooms. Homes with decks often fetch a better resale value, but the way you design the area also determines the price. It is best to opt for covered decks and extended patios that are attached to the main room of the house, so that the space can be used for small parties and family outings. You can go for wooden decks, which work well with more architectural themes.

Check online now to find a few style and theme ideas.


Post Author: Owen Jamie