Infant Strollers: All the Different Types

A stroller is a very important piece of gear that you can buy as a parent. You can be using the stroller for your baby right from infancy to the age they start walking a reasonable distance on their own. Some parents prefer to use the strollers till the time their kids have started long distances for the whole day.

Although buying a stroller can be a little complicated. There are so many different stroller types available in the market that it is important you understand each one of them. You can also check up a few expert reviews on infant strollersbefore you make the purchase. Here are the different stroller types explained.

  1. Standard Strollers

Like the same suggests, these strollers are the most common ones available in the market. They do come in different designs and shapes, but their purpose is to let the parents push the kid around rather than carry. These strollers have sun shades and storage space in the bottom. They have different orientations as well where the baby can either face in the front or face the parent in the back. The options are many in this category.

  1. Car Seat Strollers

This the category which doubles up as a stroller as well as a car seat. The base of the stroller can be detached from the metal frame and just fixed into the car as a baby car seat. The frames can then be folded up and thrown back into the trunk of your car. They are convenient and multipurpose to use. They are ideal when you need to carry a sleeping infant out of the car and put them in a stroller.

  1. Baby Travel Systems

These are the more expensive ones available in the market. These are a combination of the standard stroller and the car seat strollers. They are basically jogging strollers that also carry an infant car seat. However, unlike an infant car seat, you can continue to use this stroller even after the baby has outgrown the car seat. They are larger in size and heavier than other stroller types.

  1. Running Strollers

These ones are typically meant to let the mom run a few laps while pushing the stroller around. They have three bicycle wheels set against a lightweight yet sturdy frame. This makes it easy for the mom to push and stroller and run. They also have very good suspension system in place to cushion away all the jerks that the baby can feel due to the running motion. These strollers can be used to run on rough terrain or hike through a forest trail.

  1. Double and Triple Strollers

These strollers are designed to carry more than one kid at a time. The strollers are designed in such a way that the babies can be sitting next to each other and one after the other. You can also add a platform behind the baby’s seat so that the older sibling can stand while the parents push the stroller around.

Post Author: Owen Jamie