Giving Greetings Cards for Every Occasion

The art of giving greetings cards spans back many centuries. It was first recorded in ancient China, where messages of goodwill were exchanged to celebrate the traditional New Year, and papyrus scrolls of good wishes have also been recorded in ancient Egypt. This tradition made its way into common culture in European societies, and now sending cards has a global reach. Greetings cards in Europe are known to go back to the 15th century, then later with the invention of the printing press and cheap postage, the Victorians really made card-giving their own. These days there are gift cards for every occasion.

Sending Sentiment

Today the form and purpose of the card remains the same: a decorated piece of card that allows the sender to inscribe a personal message to the receiver. Cards are usually sent on special occasions or annual events, but actually greetings cards can be sent at any time. Here are some of the events of which you can buy a printed greetings card, ready to personalise:

  • Birthdays

No matter how old or young you are, it’s always nice to receive a card from a loved one on your birthday. There is nothing better than a handwritten message from a friend or family member, even if they can’t be with you to celebrate on the day.

  • Christmas

This is the time of year when most cards are swapped, with an estimated 1.7 billion Christmas cards sent in the UK each year. Typically Christmas cards are more stock variety, with the sender choosing one them to send to multiple people, rather than seeking individual designs for each recipient. Christmas cards usually feature a design with festive symbols, and often contain a standardised message inside.

  • “Thank You”

These cards are often used as a very sentimental way to express gratitude to someone that is appreciated. Has someone gone the extra mile to help you out? Send them a card. There is nothing simpler than a greetings card that says “thank you” to put a smile on someone’s face.

  • Congratulations

These can be used to congratulate people on significant life events, such as graduating from university or passing their driving test. Or perhaps someone has landed their dream job or moved home. No better reason than to send them a congratulations card.

Where to Buy Greetings Cards

Above are just some examples of why you may want to send a greetings card to someone, but there are several other times, such as Valentine’s Day, Sympathy/Bereavement Cards, or other religious festivals. People also commonly send cards to celebrate weddings, engagements, or new babies. One of the largest suppliers of greetings cards is Greetings House in the West Midlands. They stock 1 million cards at any time, with several hundred on display in their showroom in Birmingham. They guarantee high quality at the lowest cost, and their large selection of cards means individuality in the choices.

Mark the Occasion

Sending greetings cards has become a huge part of our culture. People now expect to receive a card for all major events in their life. Fortunately, there are millions of varieties of cards to choose from. The trick is to make a card feel personal, and part of that is choosing an individual design. After you’ve selected the best card, it’s time to write your own message inside, and send it in the post or deliver in person.

Post Author: Owen Jamie