Five Things to Consider when Renovating your Pharmacy

Once your pharmacy business has grown, you will be offering new services. And it will become important to renovate your pharmacy furniture, fixtures and shelving to make your shop more appealing. It is important to have a well-thought plan that thinks about major points. This can help you make a flexible space that caters your needs and the needs of your customers. As you plan the renovation and design of your pharmacy, here are the important things you need to take into account.

Pharmacy Layout

When planning the layout, it is imperative to utilize the available space smartly. To make the most of your space, ensure you position counters and displays in straight, parallel lines. Also, add curved counters or lay displays or counters on the angle.

Overall Design

The design of your pharmacy takes into account aesthetics like lighting, visual effects and color. Design elements have an impact on your people and customers so consider design when using your layout to maximize space utilization. Neutral colors must be used on the floors and walls of the areas that don’t get enough traffic. Service counters, signage or vertical panels must be accented with darker colors. If you want to make your space look bigger, think about using light colors.

Modular Shelving

Modular shelving allows versatility throughout the pharmacy to make it possible and easy to carry out changes in the future at the lowest cost possible. For the majority sales area, pick metal shelving over a glass or wood shelving. Metal shelving is easy to maintain, adjustable, affordable and lasts longer. For the prescription area, think of using modular shelves or cases. The sales area must have low shelving to make the space visible from other areas. This can help in preventing theft and using vertical space that have taller shelves better.

Modern Lighting

A lot of pharmacies these days make use of LED lighting on their shelves in order to highlight products and get the attention of customers. You will need brighter lighting on the prescription area than the sales area so that your people can clearly see what they work on. You can also install a design feature like a valance if you want to add personality to the space.

Adequate Space for the Dispensing and Prescription Areas

For these areas, you will need adequate space that includes shelving and counters so your workers can easily move. When it comes to the prescription area, you will have to consider workflow and privacy for the dispensing area.

Post Author: Owen Jamie