Five Excellent Tips when Shopping for Teardrop Banners

Picking the right teardrop banners for your business is necessary to ensure the success of your marketing efforts. With a lot of websites and brands as well as varying designs to choose, making a decision can become even harder. Below are some tips that may help you:

Pick the Perfect Base

A ground spike is a common banner base that you can stick in the sand or dirt. The spike will go through a lot of pressures as it battles the wind blowing the banner and need to bend at right angles. When choosing steel ground spike, choose one with 13mm diameter and with a heavy-duty bearing.

Go for Reinforced Poles

Pole breakage is a real issue with teardrop banners. When it comes to reinforcing pressure points of the pole, focus on the base and the pole tip. These points tend to bear a lot of pressure from the banner blowing in the wind. When the broken pole tears through the flag’s sleeve, the whole product will become useless. Ensure you pick a supplier that has epoxy fiberglass poles with double steel reinforcement at the poles’ base.

Ensure Your Base is Included in the Price

When comparing banners from various supplies ensure the price includes the base. Avoid companies trying to lure you in with their cheap price only to find out later that this is exclusive of the banner. The majority of suppliers allow you to use their online calculator which displays the price’s inclusions.

Choose a Reputable Supplier

The best way to know the reputation of a teardrop supplier is to consider feedback from their customers. Check the information their website displays and ensure they have a physical address. Reputable companies usually display testimonials from their previous customers. But still, keep in mind that these testimonials can be manipulated by the company themselves so consider reading reviews by searching them through Google.

A reputable supplier can provide you many design options and the option to customize their product if you want custom teardrop flags.

Check the Actual Size of the Banner

Sometimes, supplies may try to trick customers by advertising a cheaply priced medium-sized banner. However, the fact is that they will actually give you a small-sized banner you could have gotten at a lower price from other suppliers. Make sure you know that you get the banner sized as the supplier promised. Educate yourself on the standard teardrop banner sizes so you will be too smart to get tricked.

Post Author: Owen Jamie