Five Awesome Tips when Buying Perfumes

Trying a sample of fragrance is one thing but committing to get a bottle of expensive perfume can be formidable. You need time to get used to a fragrance and your favorite scent can become boring over time. So you want to try another one that gives you a better experience than what you get from your current collections. If you are looking to try another bottle, the tips below may help you:

Test and Apply Fragrances Beyond the Wrist

If you are wearing metal jewelry, the smell of a perfume can change because of it. So try a scent in other parts of your body like on top of your arms where no metals can affect the smell. Spraying a perfume on this part of your body ensures that the smell envelopes you.

Forget about Skin Types when Buying a Perfume

Your chosen perfume smells the same on any skin type since all humans have similar skin pH. However, the smell may differ because of what you apply on your skin. Before you go to a perfume store to test fragrances, go through your daily beauty regime so you can have a better sense of how a fragrance will smell on your skin every day.

Avoid Picking a Perfume Based on what the Packaging Says

Perfume makers create their products using various ingredients. Thus, you should not let yourself be swayed by the notes. Perhaps you have a certain smell you don’t really like; however, you may still love a fragrance which features that smell. In fact, it is possible that you may not be able to detect it in the final product. The idea is to smell it and then decide. Authentic perfumes like Francesca dell’Oro have scents that are too tempting to say no to.

Try Blotting Papers

Blotting papers can be used to smell a fragrance. But don’t smell the paper until the perfume is completely dry on it. You want to give scent enough time to develop. Try tossing the blotter in your purse and just check it later.

Don’t Overwhelm your Senses when Testing Fragrances

Before you try some scents, ensure you clear your nose between tests by smelling your shirt or skin. This provides your nose a fresh sense of a perfume, offsetting what it smelled before. Also, this provides your senses the time to adjust before you proceed with the next fragrance test.

Post Author: Owen Jamie