Find The Right Glasses for Your Face Shape

Everyone has a distinguished face shape that is unique to them, but they are generalized as square, round, oval and heart face shapes. People need the right type of accessories to compliment their face shapes. Choosing the wrong accessories can make them look unflattering and downright sick. Eye glasses are a necessity for people with weak eyesight but they have been in vogue as a fashion accessory for the past few years.

Choosing the right type of eye glasses is very important because glasses are worn on a prominent part of your face. Depending on the glasses shape, a person can look totally different. You buy glasses online at Glasses For You and browse through their large gallery. They have suitable glasses for every face type. Following is a brief overview on the best glasses for each face type.

Square and Rectangle Shape Face

People with square face types have a wide forehead and jawline, with equally wide cheekbones. It is approximately equal in width and length and give your face an edgy or boxy features. On the other hand, rectangle faces are slightly longer in length but equal in width. You will need to soften these features and Round, Oval, Aviator type of glasses can do this for you. Cat Eye glasses can also look flattering on some people with square faces.

Round Shape Face

Round faces are free of any dimensions and have a curviness to them. This gives them softer and circular look. You need to add some edges to your face to make it look more flattering. For this, you should wear rectangular and retro square shaped eye glasses. In addition to them, browline shaped eye glasses are best for people with round faces too.

Heart Shape Faces

Heart shaped faces are easily distinguishable as they are characterized by a pointed chin and wide forehead. To complement this face shape, you need to balance the pointed chin by adding softer edges to your forehead. Cat Eye shape glasses are best for people with heart shaped faces but rectangle and retro square glasses also compliment this face type.

Oval Shape Face

People with oval face shape are in luck. They can wear any type of glasses and still look flattering. Oval face shape has equal roundness and edges to it, that’s why it can pull off any look. You can wear round or rectangle eye glasses and retro square as well.

Post Author: Owen Jamie