Different Kinds of Handbags the Market Offers

Your handbag reflects your mood and style. And buying an Italian handbags can take a lot of thoughts. With a wide selection of brands and styles to choose from, it can be quite overwhelming to look for the right handbag for you. To help you pick the right handbag, know the various kinds available that all come with important features.


These handbags are worn across the body. They may come with leather or chain-like straps. They are generally small to medium in size. You will want to pick this type of bag for night outs, sightseeing or zoo trips.

Shoulder Bags

These bags are exactly what their name says. They are worn on the shoulder and serve as a utility bag because they give easy access to items that you will have to use. Often, these bags provide good organizational features and adjustability.


They are nearly always big, open-top bags that have a square or rectangular frame handle. They are perfect as carry-ons when traveling. Purchase a tote if you need a bag which can carry all your must-haves such as your tablet or laptop.


This is a more structured silhouette which often features a couple of short handles and a flat bottom. They are capable of carrying daily necessities while providing the best fashion piece to your outfit. You can carry them with ease or let them rest in your arm’s crook.

Cocktail Party Bags

These handbags complement formal attire and party in a sleek and festive manner. They are usually available with a chain strap or a box-like silhouette that allows for enough space for your cellphone, credit cards or lipstick.

Backpack Handbags

These are fashionable handbags worn over the shoulders. They are available in different sizes and rest on the back through a shoulder strap or two. They are perfect for daily use and travel that keeps your hands free. They are made with a big compartment, exterior pockets and several interior pockets offering a place for your needs.


These handbags are clutched in the hand into under the armpit. To maximize their fashion sense, they are often paired with bold colors. Although small in size, these handbags can carry some essentials like cash, cards and a cellphone.


Hobo bags provide the storage and style perfect if you are always on the go. You can wear a hobo bag on your shoulder or hold it in your hand. Typically, this type of bags is made of soft leather, microfiber and suede.


Post Author: Owen Jamie