Consider These Points For Buying A Hair-Straightening Iron!

A hair-straightening iron is a perfect inclusion for your style and makeup stash. Besides straightening the hair strands, a flat iron is ideal for other kinds of styling, as well. Today, we have numerous brands and endless products in the segment, and choosing one can be tricky. We have enlisted a few things below that you must check before placing an order.

The texture of your hair

If you have naturally straight hair, you don’t need a flat iron with high temperature settings. Any other basic model should be enough to get that glossy and straight look. However, for coarse and thick hair, you need a product that has better settings, but at the same time, it shouldn’t damage the strands. Look for digital flat irons, which have a LCD display that allows the user to set the setting and temperatures, as required.

The options

If you have fine or brittle hair, a ceramic hair-straightening iron is the best pick. These are designed for smoothing the hair strands and have ceramic plates that hold heat efficiently. The cheaper variants typically have metal plates that are coated with ceramic. These can burn and damage your hair considerably, especially if you use higher temperatures. You can also opt for a flat iron that comes with tourmaline plates. Tourmaline is a gemstone coating that’s often used on ceramic or iron plates, so as to effectively hold the moisture.

Flat irons for thick hair

If you have wavy hair strands with considerable thickness, you would need something more effective. Consider investing in a titanium flat iron, which can hold the heat evenly for a consistent period of time. Titanium hair-straightening irons can work faster than the ceramic ones.

The right size

The size of the hair straightener is an aspect you must consider. If you are looking for something portable that can be also used for curling, opt for a flat iron with width of one-inch or lesser. Large and wide straighteners are better for extensive styling, especially when the user has thick or extremely long hair. Wide flat irons are mainly meant for straightening, so don’t expect to get those quick curls on the go!

You can check websites like to find the reviews of the top rated flat irons. Check the product details and features, including the warranty. Opt for a brand with good reputation and you won’t need to replace the flat iron anytime in the next two to four years.


Post Author: Owen Jamie