Buying Your First Flat Iron? Don’t Miss These Aspects!

Styling your hair doesn’t have to be expensive, as long as you have the right tools at home. One of the most important hair styling tools is a flat iron, also known as a hair straightener. As the name suggests, the job of a flat iron is to straighten and smoothen your hair. If you are buying your first flat iron, we have some of the important tips listed below for help.

Read a few reviews

Well, reviews are handy when it comes to comparing hair styling products, and a number of websites, such as DesignsAuthority are dedicated to such reviews. You can find the listings of the top rated products, which have been further reviewed in detail for the pros and cons. For those who don’t know much about flat irons, reviews are a great way to start.

Consider the iron size

There are flat irons with 1/2-inch plates, while others have bigger plates, often over 3 inches. For most types of hair, a regular flat iron with plate size of around 1 inch is more than enough. Smaller plates are better for shorter hair, but with a bigger one, you can straighten your hair faster. Of course, the control on the product is important, and there’s no denying that thinner plates are easy to manage.

Shape matters

Some thinner flat irons can be used for creating curls, as well, which can be a big advantage if you don’t wish to spend on two different products. Look for something that has straight edges, and yes, do check the description, which will have the necessary details you need before buying the product. Some flat irons come in form of brushes and are easier to use.

Consider the material

For flat irons, the material of the plates matters more than anything else. Ceramic ones are more common and cheaper, but if you don’t want to cause hair damage, you might want to go for better options. Heavy ceramic plates are great for retaining heat and are a better choice than regular ceramic flat irons. Tourmaline flat irons are also great, but if you want to spend a good amount, go for straighteners that come with titanium plates.

Additionally, you may want to check some of the other features, such as the maximum temperature, settings offered, heat up time and so on. Do consider the price before picking a product, and if possible, consider using heat protecting sprays for preventing damage caused by flat irons.

Post Author: Owen Jamie