7 Of the Best Sheesha Bars in Mumbai to Smoke It Out In Style

Those days are long gone when the only party thing was alcohol and loud music. A new trend sweeping across today’s generation is the hookah. While smoking is cliché, people now prefer switching to hookah instead because of many reasons. First, it is stylish. It is cool to have a sheesha next to you and smoke it out in style. Secondly, most of the hookahs that you find in lounges are free from tobacco and nicotine. Therefore, they are less harmful as compared to smoking cigarettes.

Here are the 7 best bars in Mumbai that will offer the best hookah:

  1. The Orange Mint- The Orange Mint Chembur is the ideal destination for all the hookah lovers. The place has a very simple decor with bright coloured pillows, but the place is also very comfortable. There are different televisions that are scattered all over the place where the guests can watch stuff according to their likes. In addition to this, several live performances keep taking place from time to time. The place also serves good American as well as Chinese cuisine.
  2. Play- This lounge is the best place in the Lower Parel region that offers authentic Jain food for all the customers. It is a great place for people who want to smoke a pot of Hookah and enjoy yummy vegetarian food also. The ambience is really stunning and breath-taking and it also serves a wide variety of drinks.
  3. The Bar Terminal- This is another place which is a favourite amongst the youth. Interior has been decorated with certain pieces of art that is composed with the help of junk. This gives the entire place a unique and attractive look. The place also serves a wide range of hookah and houses a great dance floor.
  4. Sheesha Sky Lounge- This is the perfect place if you want to chill out under the open sky with some of the great hookahs. The place is divided into two parts. One part of the place has an elaborate bar that serves drinks and the other part has an elaborate dance floor where the crowd grooves to the brilliant tunes that are played.
  5. 1 Above- This is another great place that serves a wide variety of hookah. The decor of the place is quite calm and serene and helps the guests to feel relaxed and comfortable. There is a purple tint of light all over the place that makes the entire ambience quite attractive. The place also houses a special section exclusively for drinks.
  6. Rainforest Restro and Bar- This place has a very different theme. The entire place resembles a rainforest. It is quite an unusual experience. This place is also amongst the popular sheesha bars and serves delectable food menu options along with beverages.
  7. Anarchy Night Club- This is one of the best places in the entire town where you must experience the night life. The ambience of the place is very pepped up and instantly fills you with a mood to party. Hookah served here is also very famous.

So, all those who were searching for the best places to have hookah, these places will give you a great time.

Post Author: Owen Jamie